I talk a lot about language in this interview about Gun Dealers’ Daughter

because, in my view, a writer’s job is to recognize reflexivity constantly: to wonder why it is we use the words we do. And for a Filipino, that angst is vital: because with our multiple tongues, the fact that a human is a translated being, a split self divided by words, is always in our face.

Thanks to Rowan Hisayo Buchanan of Asian American Writers Workshop. Listen to the interview here. Best perhaps to use the subtitles tool. It is on the roof deck of my apartment building, and we did not realize how noisy the airplanes would be. Also, I hate my hair! It’s ugly. I should have had my haircut before, not after, the interview!

Batchmates: Thirty Filipino Words are now entries in the Oxford English Dictionary

This June 2015, the OED released its new words, and along with crowdfund, hard-ass, and FLOTUS are now thirty new words from “Philippine English” sitting pretty in the OED (sitting pretty should be one of them?). So among the word-batchmates is the Filipino term batchmate; but the batchmates also include kryptonite and kuya, sexting and suki, twerk, retweet, and salvage, not to mention sinigang and sari-sari store, mabuhay and bahala na. I was going to have screen grabs of the thirty pinoy words (but Pinoy is still not one of them) in the OED, but it is too much trouble. Go check out the words yourself, right here. Also, below.

From OED:

Here you can find a list of the new Filipino words and senses added to the OED in the June 2015 update.