Interview from last March.

The genius of the self-aware postcolonial mindset is that we are used to seeing double — we know already that there is another reality that someone has shaped for us, the reality of that other who misreads us yet has power over us; we have lived for a long time with the struggle of seeing ourselves in multiple ways, whether consciously or not, both through the eyes of the enemy, the colonizer, and through our own hampered, obstructed eyes, the colonized — so that the skill of seeing through a veil and thus penetrate and somehow find ourselves is simply a matter of survival, for us. The complex skill of empathy. Because we live in a double world of a person always requiring translation, we have a skill set that can be quite powerful, if you think about it, if you harness it. If you are aware of it. Anyhow. It’s an idea, I think, that drives my novels, or at least drives me to write. That the postcolonial citizen who reads closely is a powerful reader of the world.

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