Interview-in-excerpts: Gun Dealers’ Daughter in Dzanc Books blog

They asked me to respond to their questions about writing with excerpts from the novel. But I thought—my ENTIRE NOVEL is about writing (in my view anyway). So I rifled through some passages before I got on a train at Penn Station. Here’s the result. Thanks to Joseph Scapellato and Dzanc Books. Click on the photo:


I love CounterPunch: “America’s best political newsletter”

Click here for the review from CounterPunch

Gun Dealers’ Daughter now has the interesting distinction of being picked up by the longstanding neocon journal Commentary early in the summer (its first mention) and by  the great radical newsletter, CounterPunch, started by the late great Alexander Cockburn (also of the The Nation). I heart CounterPunch.

Charles R. Larson, emeritus professor of literature at American University, Washington, DC, says of the novel:

“And that complex narration is, in fact, one of the major strengths of this classic example of madness and trauma, repression and guilt. Gina Apostol’s Gun Dealers’ Daughter is a haunting study of misplaced actions by corrupt governments and the naifs who believe they can make them accountable.”

An Afternoon with Emily, at Frost Library, Amherst College

At Robert Frost Library. Wonder if his poems are also in the library. But I did not bother to ask
My favorite page:
“To see is/ perhaps never/ quite the sorcery/ that it is to/ surmise, though/ the obligation to/ enchantment is/ always binding.”


Listen to Woman-Stirred Radio; Merry Gangemi is an entertaining host.

Loved conversing today with Merry Gangemi at Woman-Stirred radio on WGDR in Plainfield, Vermont. She’s a lovely close reader of books and also just a great natural conversationalist. I spoke with her about Gun Dealer’s Daughter, and she mentioned the incidence of insects, repetition of heat and decay, and the book’s language games—all of which are perceptive recognitions of small or seemingly easy to overlook matters in a book that in fact create its structural integrity—follow her radio show to get in touch with an intelligent reader!