Part 3, “Son of Chronus.” You can win a copy of Gun Dealers’ Daughter from

gina apostol gun dealers' daughter son of chronus part 3 five

From Part 3, “Son of Chronus”:

“It opened to My Yahoo, a prehistoric site. As you can guess, it has no features. Everything is still in default, no bookmarks, weather watch, favorite news services. It’s Anyone’s Yahoo, Nobody’s Yahoo, Ghost Town Yahoo. Perdido eden Yahoo. No one lives there. And yet, if I scrolled a little bit, tinkered with some keys, I could easily configure it, make it identifiable, coherent in its way, provide all the signifiers that point to a life. Almost without thinking, that’s what I do. It’s easy, piece of cake, because all of it lies latent in me, I’m awash in it—his boyhood stories, medical history, languages spoken, places visited, dream vacations, relevant historical periods studied, useful listserves, news programs, feature films, sports shows, hygiene products, eye treatments, vague longings, secret thrills, and especially his final nightmare — I know a lot (many of it presumptuous, of course, but that cannot be helped: one has to start somewhere). And I always thought — in the early days, when I mistakenly believed metaphor had uses and fantasies might help — if I could only reconsititute him in some way, the way in the old Greek myth the sons of Chronus came back to life, or Pallas Athena was conjured from a headache, or Orpheus at least had thechance to rescue Eurydice. In my case, the gods had offered no opportunity, not even to look back, to watch a ghost wave farewell. It’s unfair, to say the least.”

Read Part 3 here.


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